Bingo For Money Late Night Insomniac Fun

‘In the wee small hours of the morning,

While the whole wide world is fast asleep,

You lie and never, ever think of counting sheep.’

Are you tossing and turning trying to fall asleep? Or are you one of those late night folks who never even hit the sack until the sun is nearly up? Either way you are a night owl!

Forget about raiding the refrigerator late at night out of boredom or drinking some concoction that will aid in sleepiness. Instead if you can’t sleep, might as well have some type of fun right?

Bingo For Money has the insomniac’s cure-all to those sleepless nights. Turn Every Night Into a Winning Night!

Play the night-time online bingo tournament Candlelight Delight for a chance to win fantastic prizes every single night. The action starts from 2AM – 7AM EST only in the exclusive Afterhours Lounge.

Get ready to participate and join in on all the fun with your favorite roomies in the Afterhours Lounge for the this very special bingo exclusive. There are loads of prizes up for grabs like:

2 Coverall Games every hour

variable games with pots ranging from $10 to $30

fixed games with prizes starting at $30 to $150

dancing games with prizes beginning at $30 to $200

When the games are completed, the 10 best bingo players who won the most games will be rewarded with:

· 1st Place – $200

· 2nd Place – $100

· 3rd Place – $75

· 4th to 10th Place – $50

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