Klubblo.se Launches as a Result of Swedish Sports Alliance

The Swedish Gaming Board granted a license to the Swedish Sports Alliance (SSA) which has led to a new digital lottery platform available for both mobile and desktop with games from Yggdrasil.

The aim is to increase funding for Swedish sports available to all sports federations and associations within the Alliance for Sport. They will also be allowed to create lottery tickets via Klubblo.se.

Chairman Lars Liljegren, also chairman of the Swedish Fencing Federation, said, ‘Through this initiative, we are giving Swedish sport new opportunities for funding at a time when both the state and local authorities are holding back on supporting sport. We can also develop new ideas together in a sport driven organization and fully utilize the strength of the Swedish sports brands.’

‘We think this is really going to capture the imagination of the Swedish people and we are confident that it is going to have a significant impact on the funding of both small and large sports clubs and associations in Sweden,’ said Klubblo chief executive officer, Lasse Dilschmann.

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