The Tidy Factor at Tidy Bingo

The X Factor is about to hit our screens in the UK and will take us up to Christmas where we’ll have a winner. It’s the twelfth series of the show and will be on our screens in a few weeks after a delay in the start due to the loss of Simon Cowell’s Mother. Tidy Bingo is taking advantage of this delay to bring you the Tidy Factor and giving you the chance to win a share of £250 of bonus funds.

All players need to do is meet the wagering requirements on site to be able to join in, then you’ll be allocated one of the finalists and you’ll want to root for them every week because this is what the Tidy Factor depends on, not your singing ability but the talent of your finalist.

So, to get in the game you’ll need to deposit a total of £30 at Tidy Bingo before the first show of the 12th series of the X Factor airs, and then you’ll automatically be allocated an act once the live show starts. Then, watch the show each week, or keep up with the news on the Tidy Blog and see who gets voted off every week. If you’re voted off then you’re out and you win nothing, but if you stay in then you’re one week closer to the cash!

In the end, all the players who were allocated the single act who eventually goes onto win the X Factor 2015 will share the prize pool, £250 of bonus funds from Tidy Bingo! Will you take a share?

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