‘The Wizard of Bingo’ Live from Cozy Games

So you may not be a fan of Cozy Games but if you grew up watching The Wizard of Oz, you just might feel a twinge of excitement with this new variation, “The Wizard of Bingo”.

Several software developers have taken this theme and created popular games whether licensed or unlicensed. In the case of The Wizard of Bingo, the theme is not licensed but includes many of the elements from the original movie like the wicked witch, ruby shoes, a mischievous monkey and even Toto.

The variant is based on 75-ball bingo and sees the wizard (only it’s not a wizard at all, it’s the wicked witch) curse numbers during the game. Each of your bingo cards has three lifelines which burn with each fiery ball thrown by the witch. You do have the opportunity to save your lifelines with help from the ruby shoes.

Neeraj Jha, Director of Cozy Games said, “Players love to try new games and at Cozy we have always come up with innovative game ideas. Wizard of Bingo is one such game that cuts from the regular run-of-the-mill games by using elimination bingo theory. The game is highly engaging and we hope our players will love the game play experience.”

Special features:

The Curse of the Wizard sees the green-faced witch throwing out balls of fire to curse numbers and eliminate your lifelines on cards featuring those numbers. Three curses will burn your card.

The Ruby Shoes: Your cards are destined to burn unless you get a little help from the ruby shoes, which protects your cards for up to 5 ball calls.

The Stealing Monkey: This is so not fair! Achieving the pattern or the coverall is what bingo players live for but this thieving monkey just might swing by and steal your winning ticket.

The Winners Take: With all these cards being zapped by the witch, many players will have lost quite a few cards. In the event that there are multiple winners, the player with the most cards remaining will win the largest portion of the prize.

The Wizard of Bingo Preview:

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