Tidy Bingo’s Biggest Ever Jackpot

It’s Tidy Bingo’s first birthday in August. But they’re not expecting any gifts from you. In fact they’re celebrating with some great presents for their players, including the site’s biggest ever guaranteed jackpot.

If you’re thinking of sending a card, the actual date of the birthday is 21st August. If you just want to play for some great prizes, including that £150 jackpot, then 19th August is the date for your diary. That’s when the Birthday Bash takes place in the Tidy Cupboard.

The Tidy Cupboard is an exclusive room, only Tidy members can play there. It’s open every Tuesday night from 7pm to 11pm and it’s one of the most fun rooms on the whole web. It’s all about banter and it’s your chance to talk to Tidy’s owners, Nickie and David, who’ve picked up some great ideas from players in the room.

There’s already one guaranteed jackpot: the £50 prize fund that’s up for grabs during Tidy and the Troops. That game always opens the cupboard. Help for Heroes benefits too – every penny that doesn’t get returned to players in prizes goes to the popular charity, Tidy don’t make a penny.

There’ll be fun all night in the cupboard on 19th August. The chat games have boosted loyalty point prizes, and there are lovely tangible prizes worth up to £50 up for grabs too. And with lots of extra players the room’s progressive jackpot should climb nicely.

The £150 prize is up for grabs at 10pm. Tickets are 25p and you can buy them now from the Tidy lobby. One line wins £25; two lines is worth £50; and the big full house winner takes £75.
Remember, you must be a Tidy member to play for this jackpot. If you sign up now, you’ll pocket a cool 200% minimum welcome bonus.

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