Keno Specialty Game at Grand Fortune Online Casino

Play Keno at Grand Fortune casinoIt’s just like the lottery, and winning is as easy as simply picking your favourite numbers. This is keno! And when you play it at Grand Fortune Online Casino you’re always a winner!

Where did Keno Originate?

Keno is over a thousand years old and one of the oldest games in history. It’s believed to have started in Ancient China by the ruler Cheung Leung who created it as a type of lottery to raise funds for the Hans Dynasty war. People at that time received a ticket with 120 characters over 8 rows, and players had to mark off 5 or more characters. The game was eventually brought to the USA via immigrants and spread to casinos due to its popularity.

How is the Game Played?

On a digital board of 80 numbers you need to pick up to 15 digits. The trick to placing the odds in your favour is by choosing numbers from across the entire board, and not just confining your picks to one specific area. If you want to keep the same numbers click ‘Play 1’, ‘Play 5’ or ‘Play 10’. When you click on the ‘Quick Pick’ tab the computer randomly selects numbers for you. Winning numbers are highlighted in yellow with ‘a .’ while the numbers drawn that you didn’t select are crossed with a red X.

Keno Hosted by Realtime Gaming

Designed and perfected by Realtime Gaming, the graphics are crystal-clear and the picks take place rapidly. This exciting game can be experienced on download, instant play or on mobile casino.

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